I have known Laura Erkeneff professionally for many years. My first formal leadership training experience while transitioning from technical side into marketing management came through an excellent whole day session she organized to help formulate marketing vision and leadership within a fledgling marketing organization. She smoothly but surely facilitated a flow of marketing management and leadership wisdom from executive management and at the same time extracted fresh ideas from others. This would not have been possible without her exceptional ability to work seamlessly and in concert across different levels of the organization while clearly understanding business and industry specific requirements. In Laura I see an enthusiastic teacher, a creative trainer, a friendly mentor, an energizing communicator, and someone who understands professional personalities very well. All these qualities help her maintain a differentiating vision and perspective in designing effective training programs providing tools to not only see the big picture but also be able to paint it. The value of her training and counseling has only grown as I have used the learning on many occasions. She is embarking on a “leadership engineering” curriculum geared for technical professionals. I highly recommend Laura and her new program to any technical person seeking business leadership skills.