Individual Coaching Works

Some people are born leaders, and as the expression goes, others have it thrust upon them… and then there are those who know they possess all the attributes of leadership… yet are hesitant to move it forward or keep getting passed over.

Many of these scenarios are situational. The individual has challenges that *handled poorly* could result in a career-limiting disaster. Why risk it when coaching is available?

Or, if you are a manager looking to advance your key employee, it only makes sense to offer every advantage available. After all, as a manager you either spend your time developing your people or spend your time recruiting for new employees to fill the vacancies left by those you failed to offer the tools to succeed and grow in their position. According to Blessing White in their 2013 report on employee engagement nearly 55% of employees in the U.S. express a “definitely intent to leave” their present position.

Our Areas of Focus for Individual Coaching

  • High Potential Development
  • New Managers
  • Taking on a Larger Scope of Leadership
  • Stalled Careers: Professional Development Coaching
  • Leadership Development for Women Professionals
  • Leadership Development for Technical Professionals
  • Becoming a Strategic Leader
  • Executive Development


As in all good coaching, our process consists of the following basics:

  • Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Measurement and Follow-up

At Insights to Leadership, we also offer the following coaching advantages:

  • Our coaches have been there: clients are matched with the coach whose skills best fit their business needs.
    • If we cannot help, we will recommend another coaching firm to you that can
  • We offer online or in-person meetings as needed
  • Time effective learning: as little as 2 hours a month away from your desk
  • Monthly Leadership Skills Assignments applied for immediate business, team and leadership results
  • Online access to our Career Lounge Resources: webinars, books, Tools & articles, etc
  • Our Coaching Community: Peer support from other coaching clients
  • Just-in-time “Ask the coach” emails & phone calls
  • We have a track record of delivering results. Click here to read our testimonials.