Coaching Programs that Work

Inspired coaching results in improved management skills and behaviors that impact organizational goals. A designed coaching program targets specific changes and provides the right coach for the right person at the right time.

All our coaching can be designed for individuals or groups.

Our Areas of Focus for Inspired Coaching

Coaching for New Managers

The next wave of organizational leaders are in other positions today. The best coaches deliver a progressive experience with new managers who aim to take on a greater scope of responsibility and want to improve their leadership capability.

Coaching for Professional Women

The data is clear: Women lag in leadership positions in business. Coaching focuses on sharing current information and helping women find solutions to the challenges they face in advancing their careers. Career and development planning is key.

Coaching for High Potential Employees

Those employees who demonstrate the ability to advance rapidly often need special attention. Special career development plans that target strengths and growth that most benefit and organization works best to retain and motivate such advanced employees.

Coaching Managers for Strategic Leadership

The workplace is changing globally, and strategies to manage those changes are critical. Managers who are on a fast-track to key leadership positions are required to think strategically in new ways to best support changing organizations.

Coaching for Talent Development and Succession Planning

Developing and retaining employees is crucial, since it costs far more to hire the best managers and employees than to develop them. Planning for succession targets developing the best employees in an organized way that motivates and inspires the employees to stay and grow.


Inspired Group Coaching Programs

Inspired Group Coaching Programs focus on building leadership skills that deliver results. Program components can include:

  1. Group Coaching Sessions: Managers and team leaders come together once a month for six months in two hour sessions to learn leadership skills and gain insight from both coaches and peers.
  2. Monthly Leadership Assignments: Each month a Leadership Assignment topic is assigned. Participants apply the skills learned to the monthly assignment and share insights with coaches and peers during the next group coaching session.
  3. Coaching Community: Peer support from other coaching clients.

Our programs are easily adapted to on-line sessions.

Coaching Outcomes:

  • Identify your leadership style.
  • Learn how and when to flex your leadership to meet the business situation.
  • Understand how to influence across all levels of the organization.
  • Build and gain trust with peers and teams.
  • Understand and deliver what executives need.
  • Leverage the power of engagement and motivation in teams.
  • Learn team dynamics that produce high performance.

Typical Skills Session Topics that can be adapted to fit each organization’s needs.

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