The data is clear: Women lag in leadership positions in business. This group focuses on sharing current information and helping women find solutions to the challenges they face in advancing their careers.

How does it work?

  • The program begins with an individual intake meeting with a program coach to ensure customized focus.
  • For the next six months, a group of 8-12 participants meet for two hour moderated discussion sessions.
  • Each session is preceded by individual pre-work assignments based on the upcoming topic.
  • Coaches lead the group through the series of leadership topics, with mid-course and final individual check-in meetings, culminating in a personalized “move forward” career plan.
  • Each participant will have access to a myriad of applicable webinars, articles, tools, and assessments through a membership to Project Connections.

In addition, participants will join a growing online moderated community for continuing discussion, networking, and advice on Leadership Essentials for New Managers.

Six month program includes:

  • Initial leadership assessment, feedback and specific suggestions to improve and leverage technical, management skills and soft skills.
  • Monthly group coaching sessions on leadership and career development topics
  • Individual coaching session to augment group sessions Individual leadership assignments
  • On line leadership development resources
  • On line project management resources
  • Just In Time coaching with “quick question” access to coach
  • On line coach and peer support and resource network
  • Leadership Career plan


Your Role & the Unique Leadership Challenges Women Face

  • Understanding your role, the organization and business
  • What is expected of you as a manager and leader
  • Assessing your management & leadership skills

Getting started: Assessment and Planning

  • Accelerating your learning
  • Personal Leadership Branding
  • Developing your manager’s learning plan
  • Mentors and Sponsors how to pick them, when and how to use them

Diagnosing the Business Situation

  • Understanding the business strategy and what you need to deliver for success
  • Influencing: assessing your skills to deliver for success

Getting it Done

  • Priorities, short and long term goals
  • Building credibility
  • How to deal with politics in the workplace
  • Creating your business strategy roadmap
  • Life Balance

Managing Up

  • Five key areas for alignment with your manager
  • Business alignment
  • Meeting & exceeding expectations
  • Resources to get the job done
  • Career & personal development planning

Building Your Team to Achieve Sustainable High Performance

  • Assessing individuals to deliver business needs
  • Designing the group structure
  • Aligning key structure and group structure
  • Initiating change Development planning