Insights to Leadership Executive Group Coaching & Individual Coaching Programs

The Insights to Leadership Executive Coaching Programs focuses on building leadership skills while delivering results. Our program has three core components:

  1. Group Coaching Sessions: Participants come together once a month for six months in two hour sessions to learn leadership skills and gain insight from both coaches and peers.
  2. Monthly Leadership Assignment: Each month a Leadership Assignment topic is assigned for application during the month. Participants apply the skills learned during the coaching session to the monthly assignment and share insights with coaches and peers during group coaching session.
  3. Leadership Practicum: Each participant chooses an Executive Leadership Practicum to plan and execute during the 6 month Leadership Coaching Program. The practicum is a project in the executive’s area of responsibility that will deliver both strategic business results as well as the opportunity to apply leadership skills in building or working with a team.

Our programs are easily adapted to on-line or one-on-one coaching sessions with the same great results.

More about the Practicum Focus:

Leadership in Action Practicum: Plan and execute a project that will use leadership skills with team and deliver desired business results. Success criteria include both leadership and business outcomes in the areas of results, tasks and relationships criteria.

  • Personal Leadership – Uses personal leadership skills and appropriate team member skills to implement a project that will have strategic business results for part of the organization or entire company.
  • Project Plan – Includes deliverables, actions needed to meet deliverables, by whom and due date.
  • Measurable – The success criteria includes what is being measured and the improvement/ standard needed for success for both the short and long term results.
  • Key Communications: Relationships Strategy– The communication & relationship strategy plan outlines who will be impacted by the practicum, how to build strategic alliances to mitigate risk as well as best methods for communications. Recommendations and next steps are also included.
  • Share information enterprise wide – All practicum results have a plan that can be duplicated and shared with other executives in an online forum or via appropriate company forum.

Leadership Outcomes:

  • Identify your natural talents and translate them into productive strengths and personal branding.
  • Coach and supervise others for career acceleration based on strengths.
  • Provide leadership with a greater level of self-awareness regarding your impact.
  • Define, analyze and articulate critical issues facing your company to all levels of the organization.
  • Leverage your knowledge, skills and leadership talents to achieve measurable business outcomes.
  • Gain more versatility utilizing both operational and strategic thinking skills.
  • More fully understand your personal and professional development challenges both short and long term: formulate the correct development goals for improvement.
  • Utilize both forceful and enabling skills within your leadership role.
  • Utilize new leadership behaviors to expand employee engagement.

Typical Leadership Skills Session Topics: (Topics can be adapted to fit any individual company’s needs.)

  • Leadership Style: Assessment of strengths and development needs/ leadership branding
  • Politics and Influence in the workplace
  • Building and keeping trust
  • Decision making, execution and accountability for those you lead
  • Authentic communication & presentation
  • Motivation & engagement for both High Potentials and Curmudgeons
  • Coaching and mentoring others: paying it forward
  • Building & enabling teams for real high performance

Business Outcomes: A Few Examples of Practicum Client Results

  • Development of Technical Symposium for on-going technical professional development and product & customer relations improvement. (Lam Research)
  • Environmental Strategy, plan and group formation (Granite )
  • New group formation that included definition of roles, success criteria, measurement and deliverables as well as talent management plan. (Granite)
  • Formation of High Potential Technical Talent Speakers Series (Lam Research
  • Leadership Development Strategy for 6 month executive fast track. (24 hr Fitness)
  • High Potential development for key technical leaders. (Applied Material)
  • Creation of global training program for key technical talent. (Lam Research)
  • Fast track on-boarding strategy for new operations manager in key position. (Chevron)
  • Strategic plan for key manufacturing equipment and workforce process. (Rainer Foods Products)