Successful trainings measure results. Does behavior change? Are organizational goals more rapidly achieved? Does training offer a positive return on investment? Click here to learn more.


If you prefer a more personalized approach to your career development, private coaching is ideal. Private coaching provides an increased level of personal understanding, and an increased confidence to articulate concerns and challenges being faced. It also can be used in conjunction with Group Coaching for enriched interactive results. Click here to learn more.


Insights to Leadership combined all the benefits of executive coaching into a group coaching format, that is affordable. Participants receive the same level of personalized and customized assessments, reports, evaluations, and recommendations as in our Executive Coaching – spaced for optimum retention – over a 6 month period.

You will have access to our career lounge filled with resources to enable your career development. Through coaching and peer interaction, participants gain greater understanding in their responses to different situations and learn how to adjust for even greater effectiveness. Participants will contribute more, and benefit from, improved communication, ability to achieve conflict resolution, and overall improved individual and organizational performance. Click here to learn more.


The ITL model of executive coaching is customized to deliver an enriched, personalized , progressive experience for individuals who are assuming a greater scope of responsibility and want to improve their leadership capability. Click here to learn more.


I have led efforts in all phases of succession planning,performance development, employee engagement, High-Potential Programs, High-Potential Technical Programs, Intern Program design and deployment and employee internal redeployment program. Click here to contact Laura.