Inspired Training Plans that Work

How many times have you attended trainings that failed to change behavior, or impact organizational goals? Strong trainings work best as components in a designed program, focused on strengths, with experiential activities before, during, and after the training.

The list of topics below is an example of our general offerings. All classes can be offered in one day, half-day sessions or multiple-day sessions that fit your business needs. The prices listed below include 3 hours of customization to fit your company’s culture and business goals.

Training is customized for your organization. Price is per person, and a minimum of 6 people are needed for a class. Maximum registration depends on class topic and set-up.

Our Areas of Focus for Inspired Training

Inspired Management and Leadership

The best managers inspire individuals and teams to achieve organizational goals. How do you inspire direct reports? How do you build an inspired team? And what are the skills and behaviors needed to be inspiring? Take your leadership skills to the next level of creativity and strategy in this ever changing world. $495


    • Assessing your management and leadership style
    • Understanding values and leveraging diversity
    • Aligning with your manager and others
    • Motivating and inspiring your team
    • Coaching for success
    • Developing your team
    • Creating an action plan

Successful Manager

Setting yourself and your direct reports up for success requires a clear direction, tools, and teamwork to succeed. Setting the vision, goals, coaching performance, ongoing communication, and leading the team are all part of developing a “self-managed,” high performing team. $495


    • Understanding your role
    • Defining your team’s purpose
    • Building trust and motivation
    • Coaching performance and development
    • Setting goals that lead to success
    • Applying three key meetings
    • Delegating responsibilities
    • Creating an action plan

Onboarding Yourself as a New Manager

The first 90 days are critical for new managers. New managers learn the critical steps and activities needed to move into and own the role of manager, and what key relationships need attention. $495


    • Assessing your abilities
    • Know what you need to learn
    • Translating strategy into action
    • Negotiating for success
    • Aligning people
    • Building your team
    • Creating alliances
    • Developing yourself and others
    • Creating an action plan

Manager as Coach

Coaching is a two-way process that requires collaboration with positive, supportive encouragement and direction. Managers can become great coaches by helping their direct reports own their own development yet provide the guidance, support and inspiration needed to excel. This class is focused on assisting all levels of performance; the high performer, steady worker, and underachiever. $495


    • Assessing your coaching style
    • Communicating as a coach
    • Motivating and inspiring individuals to reach higher
    • Supporting employees in skill development
    • Applying accountability that motivates
    • Assessing skills, personality traits, and learning styles
    • Coaching for performance improvement
    • Coaching for career development
    • Coaching to provide training for specific skills
    • Coaching a team

Secrets of Emotional Intelligence

Great organizations care about managers and employees who know how to perceive, understand, manage, and use emotions effectively to develop respect and opportunities in the workplace. $495


    • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and why it matters
    • Assessment: Let’s Look at Your EI
    • Applying EI in the workplace
    • Practice: Learning EI Skills for Yourself
    • Practice: Using EI Skills With Others
    • Creating an action plan
    • Implementing ongoing practice and resources

Building Successful Teams

Whether you inherit a team or create your own, it is important to know the science and dynamics of building a team that delivers results. Good team leaders need good team members whose ideas are heard and respected. Effective teams practice a thoughtful exchange of ideas with critical feedback so that the best ideas rise to the top. This team model delivers it all. $495


    • Team Performance: Onboarding the Team
    • Trust Building
    • Goal Clarification
    • Commitment
    • Implementation
    • High Performance
    • Endings & Renewal

Team Recharge

Every team needs a recharge at some point. Revisit the basics of team communication, and launch into some new, innovative ways of working together to create stellar results. Have fun learning new tools and techniques to elevate team performance. $495


    • DiSC Assessment: What’s your style?
    • DiSC Assessment: What’s your team’s style?
    • Reviewing strengths and opportunities
    • Communicating as a team
    • NOTE: Full day version also includes
      • Matching styles with team development cycles
      • Identifying sticking points and solutions

Managing Global, Cross-Cultural Teams

Cultures that collide can also achieve great harmony once cross-cultural understanding is in place. Great cultural stories can reveal secrets to creating success in complex, global teams. $495


    • Recognizing the challenges of global teams
    • Identifying cultural differences
    • Establishing a global team
    • Using appropriate communication technologies
    • Building trust and collaboration across boundaries
    • Overcoming resistance and managing conflict
    • Creating tactical actions to achieve success
    • Creating an action plan

High Performance Thinking and Innovation

Cognitive science demonstrates how the mind and imagination can fuse to achieve unheard-of goals–with stunning results! Transforming one’s self-image leads to greater and faster successes. Areas of focus include how the mind creates blind spots, and how to take advantage of the subconscious mind. $495


    • Recognizing how the mind creates blind spots
    • Understanding how the subconscious works as a repository
    • Learning how the adaptive unconscious function as a spin doctor
    • Knowing the dangers of “expertise”
    • Experiencing the power of self-image and self-talk
    • Applying imagination exercises
    • Seeing how the way we view others affects them
    • Appreciating the power of authorities
    • Creating an action plan

Presentation Skills

How to Present to Senior Managers: Giving presentations to managers and executives can be challenging. Simple techniques exist to create strong and flexible presentations that save time, boost confidence, and make presenters look their best. $495


    • Understanding the “Story Telling” model
    • Recognizing ways to change an audience’s mind
    • Presenting data
    • Learning secrets of good and bad slides
    • Creating the best presentation structure
    • Appreciating body language, voice tone, and eye contact
    • Practice: Creating slides,  delivering a coherent presentation
    • Practice: Accepting feedback and updating presentation
    • Creating an action plan to improve skills

Team-Based Methods for Solving Problems

Most solutions never actually solve problems. New team thinking requires discovering real formative causes of problems, and designing new and innovative ways of implementing effective solutions. $495


    • Prioritizing problems as a team
    • Identifying people who have an interest in the solution
    • Defining the problem you are trying to solve
    • Applying formative analysis
    • Defining success
    • Identifying solution options
    • Recommending the best solution
    • Creating an action plan

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