Did you know that training classes only make up about 4% of transferrable skills? That means that most of career development occurs “on the job”. This often presents a gap between when the skills are presented (in training) and when you actually need to use them. We offer these sills as resources to meet your “just-in-time” career development needs. These resources offer some of our favorite suggestions for our “most requested” client career topics.

Please feel free to submit resources you have found helpful so that we can share them with others. We also hope this will give you a small taste of the ever growing resources we offer to our clients in our Career Lounge.

Leadership & Management

A few of our favorite resources on the subject;

Harvard Business Review Strategy + business online newsletter:
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Stanford Executive Events & Webinars:
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Managing for Results, Peter Drucker
Peter Drucker and his writings are the landmark of modern management. And, to this day, still remain the best basic introduction in the field.
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The Essential Manager’s Toolkit, Harvard Business School
This comprehensive guide is an essential primer for managers who seek to develop the skills and capabilities that will help them excel in a complex business world.
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The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels by Michael Watkins (Sep 18, 2003)
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Motivating and Engaging Employees

Five Steps to Peak Performance: How You Can Use Brain Science to Bring Out the Best in People, Harvard Business Press
Are there people working for you who feel stressed out? Overloaded? Disconnected? Afraid? These are not “problem” employees; they don’t have disciplinary issues, and they’re not untalented. But they’re not achieving at their peak level in the pressure-cooker that is today’s workplace.
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How to Manage Your Employees to Shine
Your job as a manager is getting harder all the time. But your most critical responsibility—especially in today’s world of intensifying competition—is how to help your people to shine their brightest. How do you inspire solid contributors to strive for more? What should you do if a star player falls off their game?
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Dealing with Difficult People

How to Manage the Unmanageable Employee – short video
Every company has ‘em: gossips, wallflowers and loose cannons…Co-Author Jezra Kaye gives advice on how to manage and retain the most unmanageable employees.
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How to Deal With a Bad Boss – Steve Tobak, Professional Blogger
Some pointed advice from blogger Steve Tobak. This blog is a nice overview and offers some good advice.
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Office Politics

How Stuff Works, Jane McGrath
This article is a decent overview of the basics of office politics and offers some solid suggestion on how you can better cope in a political environment. Start review the subject here.
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Secrets of Winning Office Politics: How to Achieve Your Goals and Increase Your Influence at Work, Marie G. McIntyre, Ph.D.
This is a very good book. It shows you how to understand and play the game by increasing your influence and without compromising your integrity or taking advantage of others. It is a practical guide that will show you how to stop wasting energy and start taking steps to get what you want.
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