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“I recently attended an AMA workshop on thinking strategicially and Laura was our instructor for the course. The wealth of knowledge she had on the subject from her many years spent in the trenches of corporate America really brought the course materials to life, and her personal stories of success (and yes, sometimes the inevitable failure) helped us stay engaged as we built our stragetic plan of action together. I highley recommend you attend one of Laura’s seminars so that you too can begin to understand what being a strategic thinker really means.” ~ Stefan Handlong, Training Manager, Tyler Technologies

“Laura is one of those rare knowledgeable, yet personable and approachable professionals who are a total delight to work with. More than an expert in her field, she is a skilled moderator, trainer and presenter who goes the extra mile to ensure that program participants are prepared, audiences are delighted and program goals exceed expectations. I am fortunate to have Laura lead two different “When She Speaks” programs to rave reviews!” ~ Bobbie LaPorte, President and Founder, RAL & Associates

“I have worked with Laura in the past where she has helped me generate and act on organizational development plans; she has a determined purpose and showed effective progress to improvements in the organizations I was responsible for. In particular she faciliticated several large offsite meetings I held where she demonstrated her ability to work with various levels of the organization and her understanding of the needs of the industry and the organization.” ~ Peter Loewenhardt, Vice President, Lam Research Corporation

“Laura provided an approach to developing an “add on” business within a large materials supplier/transportation consturction company. Her approach was professional, timely and valuable. The approach considered not only business consideration but also the fit within the company culture.” ~ Jon Epps, Recycling Manager, Granite Construction Company

“I highly recommend Laura as a Leadership Development Workshop Facilitator and as a career coach. She has been an outstanding coach assisting me through a major work transition and career development. I’ve co-facilitated with Laura in management workshops at Chevron and her depth of knowledge, professionalism and skills in front of the group are exemplary.” ~ Steve Alesch, Leadership Development Manager, Chevron

“Laura supported my group in learning and development when she was at Lam. My organization was brand new and I needed Laura’s help to guide me and the organization through a process to learn how to work effectively together. When I came to her, I had an idea of where our gaps were, but had no idea what I needed to help close those gaps. Laura did her own independent assessment by interviewing key members of my group and came back with a comprehensive plan. Her plan was excellent and complete. It is the only time I have worked on an L&D program and did not need to modify the plan presented to me. With her help, the main issues in my group were removed within 6 months and my organization became a very strong team. This was substantiated when we shipped our first major hardware and it worked with very few issues.” ~ Jackie Seto, VP & General Manager, Clean Division, Lam Research

“I have known Laura Erkeneff professionally for many years. My first formal leadership training experience while transitioning from technical side into marketing management came through an excellent whole day session she organized to help formulate marketing vision and leadership within a fledgling marketing organization. She smoothly but surely facilitated a flow of marketing management and leadership wisdom from executive management and at the same time extracted fresh ideas from others. This would not have been possible without her exceptional ability to work seamlessly and in concert across different levels of the organization while clearly understanding business and industry specific requirements. In Laura I see an enthusiastic teacher, a creative trainer, a friendly mentor, an energizing communicator, and someone who understands professional personalities very well. All these qualities help her maintain a differentiating vision and perspective in designing effective training programs providing tools to not only see the big picture but also be able to paint it. The value of her training and counseling has only grown as I have used the learning on many occasions. She is embarking on a “leadership engineering” curriculum geared for technical professionals. I highly recommend Laura and her new program to any technical person seeking business leadership skills.” ~ Shrikant Lohokare, Ph.D., Managing Director & CEO, E-Cubed Ventures