BREE RENZ  is the owner of Breeze Productions, an event and media production company, offering full turn-key solutions or collaborations between in-house and freelance services. Bree also works with colleagues on their projects and events. Roles on these include – Executive Producer, Creative Director, Content Development, Project Manager and Executive Coach.

Essentially, Bree launches companies, markets, products and people. She’s known  for garnering press, analyst  and influencer attention. Building strong  brand recognition. Developing and supporting strong  teams. Creating structure as well as space for individuals to do their best work. And  creating memorable events and media that impacts audiences and drives actions.

Tech Clients include: Apple, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Immersion. 
Consumer Brands include: Coors, Tiffany’s, Sketchers’s,  Walt  Disney Company.
Organizations include: American Film Institute, Colorado State University, Denver Children’s Museum, Community Development Institute