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Promote Your Career Success by Being Happy

Have you ever noticed that successful people are often happy? “Obviously!” You say. “Anyone can be happy if they have the job they want!” But, recent research in the Journal of Career Assessment suggests that it is not the success that brings the happiness, but the happiness that brings the success.

The positive impact of a […]

Communication: Our Faces Tell the Story

While preparing to teach a new course for the American Management Association I came across some interesting statistics on communicating emotions and attitudes. In his book, Silent Messages: Implicit Communication of Emotions and Attitudes, Albert Mehrabian a Professor Emeritus of UCLA, found that communication breaks down to basically three elements: words, tone of voice and […]

The Role of Nonverbal Communications in Interpersonal Relationships

In 1975, R.T. Stein found that when observers were given records of a group’s non-verbal behavior, they could accurately identify emerging leadership.  This includes facial expressions, eye contact, body movement and touching. The perceptions group members hold of one another’s facial expressions
can, and does, influence their individual responses.  Masking is another interesting factor when working […]