MARK ALEXANDER has trained over a thousand engineering managers and employees from all over the globe how to innovate, think differently, and achieve goals beyond their expectations. He has taught executive presentation skills in Taiwan and Singapore, problem solving skills in China, employee development in Korea and Japan, and high performance thinking skills in Austria. For many years he helped train new and newly promoted managers from around the world in a 4-day management development program, helping them assimilate into a fast, changing high-tech environment.

His book Creating Your Life is based on these high performance thinking workshops. Kirkus Reviews says: “The author’s innovative approach veers away from the list of platitude and instructions that tend to typify such guides. He instead lays out a refreshingly empowering program that rests on one central contention…: that imagination is essential to experience, that how readers picture themselves is the direct path to how they comport themselves.”

Mark has an M.A in Organizational Management and Development, and he is currently a consultant and coach in the semiconductor industry.