Laura-Erkeneff-Training-for-Techies-HeadshotLAURA ERKENEFF

Laura’s passion to bring out the best in others started at age 16 when she served as a crisis center responder. She discovered that leadership skills could be taught to anyone at any age and made huge improvements in the lives of people. This inspired her to pursue a clinical psychology degree that she later applied in private practice as a family therapist and in community assistance programs. Laura repeatedly saw that personal values and leadership development are a major factor in personal, family and career success and satisfaction. In corporate life, her method of leadership development endures because it is skill based and works with the individual to apply learning to the immediate business need.  The ITL program is a culmination of 20 years of experience, condensed and made affordable by using a group format.

In addition to coaching and consulting, Laura continues to teach at both the American Management Association (AMA) and the Management Institute for Leadership Excellence at (University of Santa Cruz (UCSC).  Before founding Insights to Leadership, she launched Training for Techies, Inc. a training company based in Silicon Valley.

On a personal note, in her spare time, Laura loves gardening, cooking for her family and friends, hiking in the mountains and laughing. She enjoys playing tourist with her two grown sons and husband, especially in her home city of San Francisco. Click here for professional bios. 

Jim Tietz Technical LeadershipJIM TIETZ

Jim is highly unusual in the most positive way. He is a our balanced geek  who understands inside out how to launch a profitable new product having been through the drill many times from both line engineer and senior management positions.  Both technically and non-technically inclined clients’ love him as he is known for his unique ability to move in both worlds.  He is a translator of dual realities. Jim can easily traverse the universe with you while discussing the inherent similarities in black hole research, on-line-community compensation models or best practices for composting.
In his spare time he can be seen on the baseball field with his son, cheering his daughter at a gymnastics tournament or coaching his eldest daughter with her college admissions applications along with his wife.  Also, check out Jim’s latest venture into clean tech energy and community experiments. ( The ViralEV Project) Do we smell new patents coming ready to be added to Jim’s list?  Click here for professional bios. 

Peg-Videtta-Leadership-Training-PEG VIDETTA

Peg understands that presentation is everything – whether you are talking about the written word, the slide show, the story development or the person making the presentation.  Peg’s clients bring her in to fine-tune and improve the critical skills, content and technique of management and sales personnel that is needed to successfully communicate their ideas.

On a personal note, in her spare time, Peg can be found by following the smell of a gourmet dish she has conjured up for her many friends. She loves to entertain and throws a killer party!  Click here for professional bios. 

Cinda-Voegtli-Founder-and-CEO-of-ProjectConnectionsCINDA VOEGTLI

Cinda has the rare gift of truly understanding the challenges that face the entrepreneur and start-up roles both inside and outside the corporation.  She brings systemic solutions that last. Her pioneering efforts to offer project managers business processes that aid the entire company are legendary. (See  Her business wisdom is matched only by her dedication and commitment to bringing all sides of an issue to the table for the best possible business outcome, on time and within budget.
In Cinda’s spare time, you can find her on the Alaskan slopes cross-country skiing or Facebooking it with her daughter at college or abundant friends. (You would never guess she is an introvert at heart, now would you?) Click here for professional bios.

Jeff-Richardson-Organization-DevelopmentJEFF RICHARDSON

Have you ever known someone who can pull any team together under any conditions and accomplish the goal? In addition to accomplishing the goal, everyone on the team is still talking to each other at the end of the project? Well, that’s Jeff. With a background as a mechanical engineer and a Master’s in Change Management, Jeff just can’t help but improve and fixing things for greater business and team outcomes.
Jeff is our resident extrovert and is also known what being a master at coaching clients on how to leverage leadership and networking skills for greater career success.
You can find Jeff whizzing up and down the Bay Area back roads on his bike or “cutting the rug” on the dance floor when he is not coaching for ITL or running his own business. Check it out here:  Click here for professional bios.