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ITL’s philosophy is guided by our vision:

Executive coaching services for ALL emerging leaders
in EVERY organization

We have found that learning leadership skills goes hand-in-hand with business and career success. Instead of focusing on a particular brand of leadership, we teach the core skills that are inherent in all leadership philosophies. We then show our clients how to apply these leadership skills strategically to their specific company cultures and business needs. This leads to a much more productive outcome for both the business and our client’s career.


All good coaching consists of the following basics:

  • Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Measurement and Follow-up

At ITL, we also add the following coaching services:

  • Time effective learning: as little as 2 hrs a month away from your desk
  • Monthly Leadership Skills Assignments applied for immediate results
  • On-line Leadership  Resource Center
  • Coaching Community: Peer support from other coaching clients
  • In addition, 3 hours of individual executive coaching
  • Just-in-time “Ask the coach” emails & phone calls

Here are just some of the leadership skills we cover:

Insights to leadership-skills-table2